n the chapter on Intentionality in our book The 12 Week Year, Mike and I argue, that “to realize your potential, you must be mindful about how you spend your time.”

Expect Success!

Henry Ford once famously said “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t; you’re right.” He knew that your belief in your capability determined what you would achieve.

Here We Go Again

Are you one of the over 130 million Americans that set New Year’s Resolutions?  If so, it’s likely that you’ve failed with them in the past.

The Power of Commitment

I remember back when I was a young boy in fifth grade and how I yearned for a new ten-speed bicycle. Boy, was it a beauty; metal-flake green paint with racing tires and a black leather saddle.

Leaders Forum

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to San Diego.  I was invited to speak at one of my client’s conferences: their Leader’s Forum.

A Little Extra

It was a fun summer for the Moran family.  Unfortunately, the fun included too much food and drink, and now I’m faced with losing a few pounds of extra me. 

Rigor and Rhythm

As an athlete, consistently performing at your best demands mental toughness and physical rigor. 

12 Weeks to My First Book

Our new book launches this week and it will be available in book stores and online.  I have to say, as professionally as I can: WE’RE GEEKED!