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See What Life Is Like With The 12 Week Year

12 Week Year Performance Coaching

Based on the new york times bestseller, the 12 week year, now you can Accomplish more in 12 Weeks than most will in 12 months

Hands-On Training & Support That 
Virtually Guarantees Your Results!

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When Was the Last Time You Spent 12 Consecutive Weeks Focused Exclusively On Critical Work?

- Coaching makes it possible

The Main Reason People Want to Hire A 12 Week Year Coach

For people like us, our quality of life is directly tied to our ability to plan & execute at high-levels.

Either as individuals or teams.

If you're reading this page you already know that for most people, their biggest challenge isn't a lack of ideas.

Whether it's effective marketing techniques, sales ideas, cost-cutting measures, or customer service enhancements...

there are always more ideas than you can effectively implement

The breakdown is not in knowing, but applying.

Coaching clients want the benefits & results The 12 Week Year is known for without having to deal with stress, complexity, or overwhelm.

They want to move from conceptual understanding to significant results as quickly as possible.

They want to avoid costly mistakes.

And they want to know that their systems, leaders and teams are in sync and they're getting the best results they can get.

They want the comfort of knowing they have an expert in their corner focusing all of their training, capability, experience and expertise on them... their desires, their results.

Basically, they want a performance coach to show them exactly what they should be doing... and then help them do it.

That's why we developed 12 Week Year Performance Coaching to be the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to compete and win. 

The 12 Week Year Coaching Experience:
Training is not our Primary focus. behavior change is.

Deep dive training is a critical and important component of The 12 Week Year Coaching Experience, however...

...training is not our primary focus. Behavior Change is.

As you’ll soon discover...

The 12 Week Year System is the workhorse that will drive EVERY compelling vision and desire you have.

It’s the workhorse that drives all of our success here at The 12 Week Year. 

It’s the workhorse that drives all of our clients' success. 

And it’s the workhorse that will drive your success, too. So, it’s important we get that right. But...

Without Robust Reinforcement to Ensure Skills Are Learned and Applied, Behavior Will Not Change

We've developed a complete coaching experience for you that's focused on real behavior change and results.

This includes strategic assessments, learning customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that skills are learned and applied.

This process was developed while working in the trenches, side-by-side, with people who sink or swim based on their ability to perform & execute at a high level.

The 12 Week Year Coaching Experience is for the ultra busy, time starved individual who wants to begin experiencing results in the fastest, easiest, most efficient manner possible.

Regardless of your current experience with the principles, disciplines, and processes that make up The 12 Week Year...

...your coach will provide the necessary training, tools, resources, expert guidance, and support required to develop your system, drive results, and experience real behavior change.

If You Have a Team:

12 Week Year Performance Coaching Impacts (4) Critical Components of Your Operation:

  • Your Staff: As a leader you know your success is dependent upon your people. We will show you how to get your team to fully engage, take ownership, and consistently perform at their best.
  • Your Leadership: As Lee Iacocca once said, “The speed of the leader, is the speed of the team.” If you’re going to grow your agency, you need to grow and develop as a leader. Through the coaching process you will develop new skills and capabilities to more effectively lead your team. You will learn how to stop “holding” your people accountable, and instead hold them capable!
  • Your Culture: A high performance culture requires clarity of expectation, transparency with regard to execution, and evidence of impact. We will show you how to create a positive, winning culture. 
  • Your Numbers: In the end, it doesn’t amount to a hill-of-beans if it doesn’t create growth and profitability. 12 Week Year Coaching delivers documented results. You’re going to be amazed by the results.

​Now...If you've never had the pleasure of working with a highly-trained, professional coach before...

...I'd like you to read the section below to gain a better appreciation for the role a coach will play in your life.

The Coaching Experience:
What You Don't Realize Until You Have One

You may have heard it said before that all world-class athletes have coaches, but stay with me for a moment... because there's an important point about coaching that a lot of people miss.

We all know the greatest athletes of our time have highly-skilled coaches in their lives that they lean on to help them become world-class. 

Coaches that will help the athlete fulfill their desire of being the best at what they do. 

These coaches have extensive knowledge and experience with the subject matter that will eventually lead the athlete to become a champion.

Nothing new so far, I'm sure. The takeaway for most people is that world-class performers hire smart people to give them an advantage that separates them from the pack.

But the experience, and the relationship between the athlete and coach, is much more than that. And this is the point that most people miss...

When those coaches wake up in the morning, whose results do you think they are focused on? When those coaches are driving to work each day, whose win do you think they are pondering?

When those coaches are studying the latest advancements in their profession, who are they imagining will benefit from those advancements?

You see, what many people who have never had a professional coach in their lives fail to realize until they have one...

...is that professional coaches dedicate their lives to developing world class clients. They eat, sleep and breathe their clients' future success.

They master their craft for the benefit of their client.

​When you play at this level, your relationship with your coach is special.

It's special because all of their training, capability, and experience is focused on you... your desires, your results.

And how do you think the professional athlete feels about his or her coach?

How do you think they feel about the man or woman who is dedicating their life, their knowledge, their expertise to their future success?

When you invite a coach into your life. Your win, is their win. And they love what they do. 

If you'd like to hear a few of our clients speak about their experience with the 12 Week Year, be sure to watch the videos below.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Coaching makes it possible...

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