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The 12 Week Year Live!
February 17th & 18th (9 AM - 1 PM EST)
February 17th & 18th
(9 AM - 1 PM EST)

A Personal, Time-Sensitive Message From Brian Moran

Hi, Brian here.

I’ve coached thousands of business owners over the course of my life…

I always tell them...

There are two kinds of people...

First, those who make it happen...

and second, those who watch it happen.

But what’s the difference between the two?

How does someone take home 7-figures or 8-figures in income while others scramble to keep their doors open?

Of course, hard work is a major factor. We know that.

But there’s a hidden element.

An overlooked ingredient.

It’s confidence.

We’ve all seen it.

If you’re not confident, you’ll miss every opportunity and let someone else capitalize on it.

Just because you’re scared of cutting the branch you’re sitting on.

So where does confidence come from?

Well, instead of giving you a lecture about self-esteem and quoting a fancy book to make myself look smart, I’m just going to give it straight to you…

Confidence comes from keeping the promises you make to yourself.

Confidence comes from execution.

That said, there’s a reason your execution has been lacking up to this point….

You Can’t Grow a Shark in a Fish Tank

This is the reason your execution is lacking.

If you’re surrounded by slackers…

You’ll likely stay stuck where you are.

We adopt the beliefs and behaviors of those around us.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you work...

How many motivational speakers you listen to…

Or how many billionaires you follow on social media...

Connecting with a leader in REAL life is a different thing altogether.

Just like how a video call with a friend isn’t as satiating as meeting them in person.

Being in a one-sided relationship with your mentors through social media, books or podcasts doesn’t produce a breakthrough transformation.

So if you’re hungry to get to the next level…

It’s time to change your environment…

I’m soon launching one of the biggest events of the industry…

It’s called The 12 Week Year Live…

It’s the ONLY event where you’ll be initiated into a framework deployed by world leaders such as NASA, Dunkin’, JC Penny and many other billion dollar brands.

You’ll gain a dangerous edge over your competition.

You’ll be joining a select group of entrepreneurs who’re serious about changing their lives in 2022.

These entrepreneurs will go from “average” or “good” to UNBEATABLE.

Inside the 12 Week Year Event

February 17-18
9 AM - 1 PM EST
2 Days of Life-Changing Adventure

  • Learn how to construct your 12 Week Year System (A-Z & Step-by-Step) directly from the creators of The 12 Week Year
  • ​Learn how to make The 12 Week Year work for you even if you struggle with discipline and consistency
  • ​Learn exactly what to do the moment you begin to lose control and see yourself getting sidetracked
  • ​Discover the most common reasons people struggle to implement The 12 Week Year, and what Brian & Michael say you must do to overcome them.
  • ​Learn how to awaken your “renewable intrinsic drive” once again with 12 week cycles, when the rest of the world is running on empty with annual cycles.
  • ​Discover how to set up your 12 Week Year System if you have a physically or mentally exhausting job
  • ​Learn how to protect your focus with a “stupid simple practice” when life throws unexpected curveballs that would otherwise throw you off for weeks
  • Learn from the real life stories of people who have applied the 12 Week Year and created breakthroughs without any special skills, resources or connections
  • ​Learn a foolproof way to reduce your long-term vision down to your first 12 week plan, so that you can take needle-moving actions right away and see immediate results
  • ​Discover the most critical discipline that Brian and Michael think you need to develop to win YOUR 12 Week Year - this alone can set you on the path to upper echelons of your industry
  • ​Learn how to leverage your early success and stay consistent long-term without beating yourself up for screw ups and losing trust in yourself
  • ​Discover the best way to prioritize your tasks and laser focus on ONE activity when you are swamped with external demands
  • ​Learn to distinguish big picture strategy from shiny tactics or feel-good “growth hacks” that attract and fool gullible people wasting their time and money

and SO much more!

Unless you want to miss out on an experience that has changed thousands of lives around the world and can change yours… a spot for the 12 Week Year Event now!

Who is The 12 Week Year For?

When you join the 12 Week Year, you’ll be joined by hundreds of people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals, coaches, leaders, dreamers...the list goes on.

But there is one thing that defines every single person who decides to attend this event: Hunger!

I’ve seen over and over that when people are given simple, reliable tools to bring consistency into their execution…

They can often achieve in 12 weeks what others take an entire year to accomplish.

That’s why you should consider coming to the 12 Week Year event.

Who This Is NOT For:

  • Negative nancy: If you always find the negative in every situation and can’t focus on the positive, this is not for you.
  • ​Slackers: If you believe that rewards should just magically fall into your lap and can’t get yourself to take action, this is not for you.
  • ​Know-it-all: If you aren’t coachable and can’t keep an open mind while experiencing something new or transformational, this is not for you.
  • ​Shiny object syndrome: If you constantly jump from one shiny idea to the other in hopes of “making it big”, this is not for you.

Imagine Living an Entire Year in 12 Weeks!

Take a moment and picture your yearly goals.

How will life change once you accomplish them?

Will you feel more in control like a visionary, a builder, a changemaker, instead of feeling limited by your circumstances?

Will you feel connected to a higher vision that is deeply meaningful to you as a human being?

Will you feel less stress, overwhelm and worry and more abundance, connection and gratitude?

What kind of lifestyle will you adopt in terms of your social life, spiritual life and family life?

How would your friends, family and colleagues respond when they see you becoming the “new you”?

How would it feel to execute on a plan without worrying about self-sabotage ever again?

Take a Look at
What Others Are Saying

The clarity, knowledge and conviction that Brian brings to the table makes the concepts come alive in a way that inspires you to own them yourself. The end result is a much better understanding of how to implement great plans. 
- Steve Lover
Brian literally revolutionized my approach. His training is unparalleled in the way it transforms simply with a profound shift in the fundamental focus and drive behind your goals and objectives.
- Ted Rusinoff
The 12 Week Year challenged me to envision a business and a life of significance, bigger than I ever thought possible. The results have been quick and dramatic.
- Christian Von Allmen
For 10 years The 12 Week Year has been THE planning and development system that helps our team take their personal and professional lives to the next level. 
- Angie Pope
Wanted to give you a quick update to my first 12 weeks… over $90,000 in income (goal was $70k), finished 31 books (goal was 25), and averaged going to the gym 4 times a week! 
- Kevin Hitz
The 12 Week Year produced staggering results - over 400% increase in income, all without working more hours.
- Ann Laufman

Your Future Self is Calling

Will You Answer?

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is just this…

Successful people do things that unsuccessful people can’t do or aren’t willing to do.

So take a moment and think about how deploying a reliable system for consistent execution can change your life.

Because the next 12 weeks are going to pass anyway.

Either you’ll grow to the level of your goals.

Or you’ll fall to the level of your regrets.

Which one is it going to be?

One Time Payment: $497

February 17-18
Mark the Dates
Your Next Breakthrough Awaits!

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