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What separates the best Allstate agencies from the rest?


It’s probably not what you think. Most think that the top performers know something the rest of the world doesn’t. The truth is that the very best don’t have better ideas, they simply execute their ideas more effectively.

Knowledge is only powerful if it’s acted on – great ideas are worthless unless they are implemented. That’s why The NHCS | 12 Week Year 2017 Allstate Bonus Program is based on the most powerful execution system available – The 12 Week Year.

Who We Are

  • The 12 Week Year – The authors of The New York Times Bestselling book, The 12 Week Year, have developed a proven execution system specifically designed for the Allstate Agent seeking to dramatically improve their results. The system is supported by training, coaching, process, and technology and has been proven to generate production increases of 20% to 400% in as little as 12 Weeks for Agents and Agency teams!

  • Our current and past clients include Allstate, New York Life, Medtronic, Northwestern Mutual, Nationwide, Country Financial, State Farm, Mass Mutual, Becton Dickenson, Bankers Life & Casualty, AXA advisors, Prudential, Principal Group, and Guardian.

  • New Horizons Consulting Services – We specialize in helping Allstate Agents achieve success through improved distribution, faster customer growth, increased retention, rapid producer expansion, heightened, staff effectiveness, and business operations.

  • EA Approved Vendor – The 12 Week Year is an approved Executive Advantage vendor for 2017!

What We Do

The Allstate EA Bonus program has changed for 2017; there are now several variable components. The Agents that hit their bonuses this year will have to understand how to win in this new environment quickly.

Historically the one of the two biggest barriers to hitting max bonus has been that most agency owners simply don’t know how. The second (and biggest) barrier is that even if they know the “how,” agents and their teams usually struggle to execute well enough to hit bonus.

We have created a program specifically designed for Allstate EA’s who want to increase their revenue and earn a larger bonus.

And, perhaps the best news of all is that this bonus achievement program is “Executive Advantage Approved!”

Basic Package

Self-Directed bonus achievement program with on-line and consultant support, best practice plans, team-based execution system, live kick-off session with an NHCS partner, video based 12 Week Year training, and access to the authors of the 12 Week Year in a live six-week installation training program.

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Premium Package

A robust production growth process, guided by a dedicated NHCS partner, that works with small groups of Agency leaders and their teams to hit their 2017 max bonus performance levels. Every step of the way is supported by our expert Allstate Experienced consultants and coaches who apply their industry leading knowledge and execution expertise to ensure you hit your Agency’s goals.

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What People are Saying about

the 12 Week Year…

“Today is completely different, my staff is now one of the most effective teams I’m aware of in the entire Allstate network, and I’ve finally made Chairman’s Council this year.”


-Robert Zabbia, an Allstate agent in New York State

“Insurance is a process-driven business model, and The 12 Week Year is basically the master process”


-Nathan Marcus, an Allstate agent in Alabama

“This is a system that actually works.”


-Mathew E. Winter, President, Allstate Auto, Home and Agencies

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