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Will your group leave your event And apply what they learn?

The Marketplace Only Rewards Ideas That Get Implemented

There's an old saying...

“If you can take away one idea, the conference was worth the time and investment.” The sad fact is that’s not quite true. It’s only true, if they take that idea and actually act on it – which you and I both know, most never do.

The difference between a successful, productive Sales Conference and a mediocre one is not what takes place at the conference, but what happens after... speakers & trainers can only create the potential for success.

In order to harvest the fruits of your investment, in order to experience the actual benefits you envisioned when you hired your speaker, your group must leave your event, return to the day-to-day demands of their work, and actually apply what they've learned. If you send your group home without a system to execute, you're setting them up to fail.

I recently keynoted at a National Sales Conference...

...and during my talk I asked the group three questions:
>> How many of you have attended a conference similar to this before? Nearly all the hands went up.
>> How many of you left with some great ideas and take-aways from that conference? Again, nearly all the hands were raised.
>> How many of you got back to your office, got busy with business, 
and never really did anything with those ideas? All the hands went up – along with a nervous chorus of laughter and groans.

They must apply what they learn

You can spend hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs...

You can schedule breakouts and team building sessions. You can recognize your top performers. You can hire the latest celebrity to speak, (or the guy who had to chew his own arm off to survive)...

Your sales team can leave the conference with notebooks full of new ideas, product enhancements, sales techniques, and encouragement from the top brass, but…

unless they Leave the Event and apply what they learned, your conference was not a success.

Allow me to explain...

My name is Brian Moran, Co-Author of the New York Times Bestseller, "The 12 Week Year - How To Get More Done In 12 Weeks Than Most Will In 12 Months."

Before we go much further, I want to clarify my previous statement. There is value in bringing people together, getting the field and the home office together face-to-face. But in the end, if that doesn’t translate to better performance you’ve wasted your money and your people’s time.

Now, imagine what might happen if your sales team left your next conference and actually executed the systems, tools, and best practices that you exposed them to?

If they took action on just 10% of what they learned, what would that do for your sales?

The law of large numbers concludes that improvement from a mere 5% of your team can alter the revenue trajectory. Ten percent can make a huge difference. And 20% - well twenty percent is a revolution that can change the organization!

As you know all too well, it’s not enough to know what to do; ultimately you need to execute.

That’s why at this particular national conference I spoke of earlier, I was positioned to speak on the last day.


I showed this group of sales reps how they could take all the great stuff they had just heard over the past two days and really implement it with The 12 Week Year method.

New York Times Bestseller

The 12 Week Year has been vetted by thousands of clients and hundreds of companies, and is backed by years of real life experience.

The 12 Week Year is a how-to book for both individuals and organizations that would like to accomplish more in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.

You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do...

They must execute

Why Businesses Position Me to Speak on the Last Day of Their Conferences... and Why You Should Too

For many years now, I’ve had the honor of consulting some of the largest organizations in the county on how to apply The 12 Week Year method in their culture, and get more done in 12 weeks than most will in 12 months.

As I said before, these organizations like to position me to speak on the last day of the event so I can show their group how to take all of the tools, lessons, methods, and ideas they've been exposed to at the event, and actually implement them when they return to their offices.

Here's what one executive, Steve Luckenbach, had to say about his experience:

“Your keynote at our meeting moved the entire team to action. Your concept of the 12 Week Year and your turnkey system to implement is off the charts.  I believe it is the missing link that can take the average person, as well as the overachiever, to the next level professionally and personally - I'm experiencing it myself!”

"A Straight Forward System That Actually Works."

- Mathew E. Winter, President, Allstate Auto, Home & Agencies

 Samples of Brian Presenting "The 12 Week Year" Method:

12 Weeks As "The Year"

The 12 Week Year has now become the operating method of choice for Fortune 500 executives, and ordinary, but ambitious individuals.

What Is Your Bold Vision?

Adopt the 12 Week Year method in your organization & start getting more done in 12 weeks than most will in 12 months.


No matter how busy you are, The 12 Week Year method is easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to maintain.

Schedule Brian For Your Next Event 

You spend time, energy, effort, and money providing your team with techniques and ideas, now give them what they really need – a system to execute.

If you’d like to see your group act on more of what they learn at your next conference, then consider having Brian keynote and train your people on how to take their new knowledge and actually do something with it.

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