Have New York Times Bestselling author
Brian Moran speak to your team

Give Brian Moran 60 minutes and he’ll have your team Achieving more in the next 12 Weeks than most will in the next twelve months!

You spend time, energy, effort and money providing your team with techniques, ideas, and resources, now give them what they really need – a system to EXECUTE.

The number one problem holding most back from achieving more is not a lack of knowledge, intellect or information.  Nor is it some new strategy, ideas or sales technique.  The number one problem is a lack of Execution.

Knowing is not enough.  There is a big difference between knowing and doing.  The marketplace only rewards what get implemented.

Brian will show your team what it takes to execute at a high level and achieve their goals and aspirations in just 12 short weeks.  Brian’s engaging and interactive sessions range from a keynote to full-day workshops, and offer fresh insight into what it takes to achieve greatness.



  • Professional and prompt communication when you inquire and book me for your event.
  • Personal service from my team prior to and after your event.
  • An impactful presentation that is cutting-edge, professional and delivered to your audience to achieve the goals and outcomes you expect.
  • Personal follow up after the event to ensure your objectives were met and you are satisfied.
  • Powerful take-a-ways that can make a difference to your team… today!



Brian delivers engaging and interactive sessions of a one hour Keynote, Half Day and One Day events. These sessions challenge the “business as usual” mentality, and offer fresh insight into what it takes to achieve greatness. Click below to visit our Meeting Planner page and fill out our Speaking Inquiry Form.