The number one problem holding most back from achieving more is not a lack of knowledge, intellect or information.  Nor is it some new strategy, idea or sales technique...

The number one PROBLEM is a lack of EXECUTION.

Execution is the single greatest market-differentiator. Great companies and successful individuals execute better than their competition.

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The 12 Week YearTM is the only system that addresses the fundamental breakdown of poor execution.


The 12 Week Year has been developed in the field and refined through years of trial and error with agents and managers.  The result is a system that creates focus and clarity on what matters most, and a strong sense of urgency to act now.  The 12 Week Year has been vetted in the industry over the last ten years with dozens of companies, and thousands of agents and managers.   It is the one system designed to enable you and your team to execute effectively.  It virtually ensures that the investments you’ve made in training and systems are fully realized and leveraged.


Before you spend another dime on new systems, or leads, or anything else for that matter, invest in the execution system – The 12 Week Year.

"It's not WHAT you know, it's not even WHO you know, It's what you IMPLEMENT that counts."


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