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  The effectiveness of traditional goal setting using “annual goals” has long been debunked as an ineffective goal-achieving  approach for eight out of ten people.

  That's why respected business publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and dozens of others, have published numerous articles exposing the pitfalls of traditional goal setting.

  The 12 Week Year book will walk you through the proven step-by-step system for achieving more in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.

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About Brian Moran

  My name is, Brian Moran, Co-Author of the New York Times Bestseller, The 12 Week Year. Over the last several years, my business partner, Michael Lennington and I have had the good fortune of aligning ourselves with many of the largest organizations in the world.

  After exhaustive testing, we were able to strip away the noise, and isolate the proverbial “simple hidden on the other side of complex," which has now become the bedrock of our 12 Week Year Methodology.