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Uncommon Accountability

A Radical New Approach To Greater Success And Fulfillment. From New York Times Bestselling Authors, Brian Moran and Michael Lennington

12 Week Year Book

The 12 Week Year is a process forged in the field of sports, used by world-class athletes and transformed for business and everyday life by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington.

12 Week Year Field Guide

This hands-on template for implementing advice from the game-changing book The 12 Week Year is a study guide that makes it easy for anyone to apply the 12 week year to their own lives.

12 Week Year Planner

The 12 Week Year is the most effective goal achievement system ever created. It creates clarity and focus on what matters most, and a sense of urgency to act.

Sample 12 Week Plans

This package contains sample 12 Week Year Plans so you can better understand how to structure your plan for maximum execution and results.

!2 Week year Getting Started Course

Getting Started Course

The “GSC” is a comprehensive extension of The 12 Week Year book developed to extend and expand on the principles introduced in the book, complete with examples and useful tools to easily get you started plus a few extra secrets.

Weekly Success Tips

Each week you’ll receive a brief but insightful success tip from New York Times bestselling author Brian Moran.

12 Week Year Introduction (3-part video series)

In this video series Brian Moran discusses what keeps people from achieving their biggest goals and how the 12 Week Year can overcome those barriers and have you accomplishing more.

Greatness in the Moment Series

Each month Brian & Michael go live with a workshop on a topic that will help you improve your execution and accelerate your success.


Achieve! is the official software of the 12 Week Year. It provides a platform for you to fully automate your 12 Week Year, and accomplish great things.

Challenge Series

The Challenge Series is a set of daily videos developed to keep you on track and inspired throughout your 12 Week Year. These training videos are short, focused, and full of value.

Training For You

12 Week Year Fast Start Training (DIY)

For the individual that wants to get started on their own.  This package contains videos and handouts to get you up and running with the 12 Week Year system.  It also comes with a subscription to Achieve! our powerful software.

12 Week Year Accelerator (Done For You)

If you don’t want to go it alone and instead would prefer to be trained by us, then 12 Week Year Accelerator is for you.

In this program one of our Certified Coaches is with you through your first 12 Week Year, training and coaching you through the installation and application of the system.  Includes supplementary videos and materials for additional self-learning, as well as access to Achieve! our powerful software.

Train Your Team

12 Week Year Fast Start Training for Teams (DIY)

For the Leader that wants to train his or her team themself.  This easy-to-use training content is designed to get you and your team up to speed with the 12 Week Year both quickly and effectively. We provide access to everything you need to train your team, and to build momentum week after week.

12 Week Year Accelerator For Leaders (Done For You)

This program makes training your team a snap because we do it for you.  With Accelerator for Teams one of our Certified Coaches will train you and your team (up to 12 total) over a 12 week period via virtual sessions to ensure the system is installed and you and your team are fully applying it.  Includes access to Achieve! our powerful software for each member of your team (up to 12).

Live In-Person Workshop

Have Brian personally train you and your team either in-person or via a virtual workshop.

12 Week Year Certification

The 12 Week Year Certification program is designed for trainers, coaches, teachers and professionals who want to have an impact, change lives, and develop yourself and your business.

Coaching & Accountability Groups

Performance Coaching

The 12 Week Year Coaching program employs a proven process that combines expert one-on-one coaching with the 12 Week Year execution platform. The process is a twelve-month engagement that produces breakthrough results.

MasterMind Group

Coming Soon



In Brian Moran’s 12 Week Year keynote presentation, he’ll show you how to outlast the pain of change and keep going through difficult times to create a different result that lasts. 

Brian on stage

Half Day

The Half Day training establishes the foundation of The 12 Week Year and takes it further by taking your group through the paces. Brian works with them to create a compelling vision, establish 12 Week goals, and build their first 12 week plan.

Brian writing on whiteboard

Full Day

Once Brian has introduced The 12 Week Year business model, and your team understands and can digest this concept, he will walk them through and teach the individual modules of The 12 Week Year.