Become More Productive And Get More Done Than Ever Before With This ONE Key Productivity Hack…
Become More Productive And Get More Done Than Ever Before With This ONE Key Productivity Hack…

Accountability: The ONE Thing That Can Propel You Forward In 2022...

Most productivity hacks don't work. They're outdated, questionable and don't bring results. They’re based on outdated information, and their practices are questionable at best.

The best way to accomplish your goals is through accountability. That’s why we came up with the ultimate productivity solution — The Accountability Group.

The Accountability Group is a 12-month program designed to help you:
  • Stay On Track
  • Build Momentum
  • Accomplish All Your Goals Quicker
Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned to a certified coach and partnered with a small group of like-minded individuals who will accompany you through the training and will help you stay accountable and execute your goals as best you can.

The great thing about this program is that you receive (and give) accountability on two fronts.

Your certified coach will be the expert in your ear, telling you in which direction you need to focus or if you’re doing something wrong.

At the same time, your peers will also help you be accountable for your deliverables, as you will them. It’s a win-win scenario!

How Does It Work?

After enrolling in the Accountability Group, you’ll get grouped with 5-6 of your peers. Together, you’ll have hour-long Zoom meetings every other week for 12 months.

There’s a specific reason we’ve chosen this small group format. Our internal studies have shown that students perform better and much more consistently when working in groups of four to six.

Walking the same journey with your peers allows you to be more consistent with your planning execution, drastically accelerating your results.

Your certified coach will be there to answer any of your questions during the meetings and help you by providing professional guidance to your specific situation.

Forgot to ask a question during a meeting? Don’t worry; you won’t have to wait a whole week to speak your mind.

Our certified coaches will always be available via email, so you’ll be able to reach out to them at any time if you need assistance.

And That’s Not All!

We want to provide you with an entire productivity ecosystem to maximize your chances of success. That’s why we decided to include a couple of extra bonuses to make this offer as irresistible as possible.

By enrolling in The Accountability Group today, you’ll also get access to:
  • The Achieve Training
  • The 12 Week Year Fast Track Training

12 Week Year Fast Track Training

Learn how to build out your 12 week year perfectly through goal setting and planning. The Fast Track Training will help you get the most out of your 12 Week Year, teaching you how to flawlessly execute the system and get consistent results.

The Achieve Online System

Keep track of what you’ve accomplished and automate your entire 12 Week Year process within The Achieve Online System. No more wondering if “you’re doing it right.” Simply follow the step-by-step instructions within the performance tool and have your execution system up & running in no time.

Our Limited-Time Offer

We only have a limited number of seats available and once the groups are full we will close registration. The regular price for The Accountability Group program is $2497, but we’re offering a limited-time $500 discount if you pay the enrollment fee at once.

Take advantage of our limited-time offer and get access to the entire program + all the bonuses for only $1997 (Payment plans are also available).

This is a limited-time offer and won’t be available for much longer.

If you’re interested in achieving all your goals and want to save money on the enrollment fee, sign up for The Accountability Group program TODAY!


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