The Game of Work

by Brian Moran

Ready for a pop quiz?

I know you haven’t had time to study, but I’m confident that you’ll pass.  The good news is that there is only one question, here it is: “What would the average American say is more motivating and fun; Work or Sports?”

The answer is obvious – the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, March Madness, the World Series and other sporting events draw millions of spectators each year.  How many people showed up last year to cheer on you at work?

Have you ever wondered why sports are so motivating?  In fact, not only are they motivating to the players but also to spectators.  Can you imagine people – fans - coming to watch you work?  Paying for the privilege of seeing you in action.  One of the key reasons sports are stimulating is that in sports we keep score.

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Brian MoranThe Game of Work

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

by Brian P. Moran

Sometimes the biggest barrier to achieving what you are capable of in life, is your own fear.  It might be a fear of failing, a fear of rejection, a fear of criticism, even a fear of embarrassment; the list of possible fears in endless.  Too often, fear paralyzes and derails good intentions, and keeps you from moving ahead and creating the life you truly desire.

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Brian P. MoranFeel The Fear And Do It Anyway