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Fall In Love With
The 12 Week Year, Again

If you’ve applied the 12 Week Year System and still find yourself struggling, keep reading...

Because, what I’m about to explain to you will most likely clear up any confusion you may have about the system...

And, it will explain any resistance you may have about engaging the system, maintaining the system, or staying on the system.

Specifically, I’m going to show you the single biggest reason why your 12 Week Year System is producing less than stellar, or inconsistent results for you.

So... if you do find yourself struggling to start the 12 Week Year, stay engaged with The 12 Week Year, or stay on The 12 Week Year system for any period of time…

What follows is the best advice I could possibly give you.

Watch the video now, and we’ll pick back up on the other side…

Vision Drives The System

As you can see, vision drives the whole system. If you have a weak vision, you have a weak system… It’s as simple as that.

Now, I hope you can see that creating your vision goes way beyond providing clarity and motivation. There are very logical and practical reasons for developing your vision the right way.

When done correctly, vision work is about much more than the warm fuzzies and motivation that traditional vision work emphasizes.

Vision work is actually a very strategic component to the system.

If you don’t take the proper steps to create your vision (aka - the foundation of your entire system) and set it up correctly, then there’s a good chance your system will always underperform.

You’ll never experience the life altering transformation the system is capable of delivering.

As they say, “Garbage in. Garbage out.”

On the other hand, if you heed our warning (read: do not underestimate the importance of this step), if you invest a little time to develop your vision correctly, you will see how stable, reliable, consistent, and dependable your system becomes for you.

You’ll see that instead of resisting the system, it will be much easier to engage with the system, to maintain the system, and to stay on the system.

In short, you will fall in love with The 12 Week Year all over again.

When you finally decide to commit to your vision work, the light bulbs will go off.

You will understand the system on a whole new level.

Because, vision work drives the whole system.

This is what our rockstar clients understand better than anyone. This is where they always start. And this is always the step they make sure they get right.

Now, it’s really just a question of your willingness to live a few hours of your life like others won’t, so you can live the rest of your life like others can’t.

After years of working with clients, we know that vision work is the game changer!
That's why we're excited to announce...


The Future

​The Only Training Program That Transforms A Traditional Vision Into A strategic Vision That
Integrates Seamlessly With The 12 Week Year Process

​Traditional vision work would have you believe that the value of a vision is in the clarity and emotional connection it can provide you with.

​And although that’s critically important, It’s really only the tip of the iceberg.

​A vision is merely entertainment if it’s not developed strategically. And if it’s not developed with execution in mind… it’s worthless to you.

​When executed correctly, vision goes way beyond providing clarity and motivation. There are very logical and practical reasons for developing your vision the right way.

No wonder most people pass on vision work. It’s not hard to see that with the traditional approach, vision isn’t particularly valuable… and who’s got time for that?

The 12 Week Year Difference

​​In contrast, there are many things that are different with a 12 Week Year Vision, but I’d like to point out two critical differences right now:

​1. A 12 Week Year Vision is attached to a system. This is key.
​It’s much easier to connect with your vision when you know you’ve got a reliable system in place to execute that vision.

​A 12 Week Year Vision is near term. Meaning, you get to step into it immediately.
It’s no longer dangling in the distant future. And, because you are living your vision in the now, it’s much easier to stay connected to it.

Connecting with your vision is (very) important, because if you don’t stay engaged with it, you’re likely to abandon it.

But, as we learned, that’s just the beginning.

2. A 12 Week Year Vision is incredibly strategic.

It’s developed with execution in mind, and integrates seamlessly with The 12 Week Year methodology.

The ability to execute on your vision (immediately) is what separates a vision developed for entertainment, from a vision developed for performance.

And that’s what makes a 12 Week Year Vision so valuable.

Your 12 Week Year System Lives And Dies by the Quality of Your Vision Work.

Until now, when our top clients asked us to teach them our process for developing a vision that integrates seamlessly with the 12 Week Year process, it required us to fly out to their office for a day or two.

There was just too much to cover.

But, because we knew it would help so many people — and also because nobody else is teaching it this way — we decided to develop a training product that would provide our best thinking on the topic.

As we dug in, we quickly realized that condensing a couple days worth of training down to a product that wasn’t 17 hours long was a tall, TALL order.

But now, after several long months, we’ve managed to strip that lengthy training down to only the most essential, critical elements.

"envisioning The Future" is our newest training program, and it's by far the most valuable training we've ever developed on the topic of vision.​

​The NEW training program consists of three modules that were intentionally developed to be easy to consume, and easy to implement.

​Module 1: Vision: Immediate Access upon enrollment.

We encourage you to work through it, even if you’re familiar with some of the material, because it builds the foundation that we’re going to work from, for everybody, and it’s important that we’re all at the same place as we move forward.

Module 2: Aligning Your Actions To Your Vision: Will be released the week of July 10th.
You will get access to a training module and handout that will show you how to align your daily actions to your long-term vision. After all, this is what the 12 Week Year is all about!

Module 3: Aligning Your Time With Your Vision: Will be released the week of July 17th. The most common complaint we hear from our clients is “not enough time.” In this third training module, Brian will show you how to consistently allocate sufficient time each week to the actions needed to drive the attainment of your vision.

Plus... 12 Weekly Vision Boosters: Each week after you have completed the initial training modules, we will provide you with a brief and insightful video that will help you to make consistent progress towards your vision.

​If you’ve been struggling to get started with The 12 Week Year, to stay engaged with The 12 Week Year, or to stay on the 12 Week Year… you’re going to love this program.

​You Will Finally Experience the Life Altering Transformation The 12 Week Year System Is Capable of Delivering

UOn Wednesday, July 12th we’re officially releasing "envisioning The Future" to the public. Initially, we fully intended to set the pre-release enrollment fee for our current subscribers at $297.

Knowing what a game changer vision work is... that would be an absolute steal.​
However, a number of folks contacted us to say that $297 would put the new training program slightly out of reach for them.

So... because we believe so strongly in vision work, and because we want to ensure that our price/value/experience ratio is over-the-top in your favor....

​We've decided to release "envisioning The Future" to our current subscribers for $97.
When you enroll now, you'll be granted lifetime access to the program and receive any updates we make in the future. This ensures that you will always have the most updated version of the program.

This special offer is only available until Tuesday, July 11th. After that, we will open enrollment to the public and the price will go up. ​

​Click the button below to lock in your lifetime access, and experience the "envisioning The Future" training program now.
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