The 12 Week Year Introduction

Three videos to help you develop a plan, complete your tactics, and get more done

Watch each video and make the adjustments that will increase your productivity


Peaks and Valleys In Your Performance? Watch This.


Struggling to get it all done? Here's why.


Need to get more done? Do this.

If you don't have a reliable system for developing plans and executing tactics, You will always Underperform 

Are you asking yourself these questions?

"Why does my performance fluctuate in peaks & valleys?"

"Why do I often struggle to stay focused and engaged?"

"Why do I regularly fall short of my desired outcomes?"

Overcome all of these challenges and more when you get FREE access to the 12 Week Year Introduction video series

How much is underperformance costing you?

How many experiences are you missing out on?

You will get more done when you implement what you learn


Learn the same performance system used in some of the worlds most successful businesses


/New York Life/ 


/Mass Mutual/ 

/JC Penny/

/Coldwell Banker/ 

/Susan G. Komen / 

/State Farm/ 

And many more... 

Brian Moran

Your Guide

The 12 Week Year Introduction course is taught by Brian Moran, Co-Author of New York Times bestselling book, The 12 Week Year.  He’s consulted with hundreds of companies to help them get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months. 

Brian teaches The 12 Week Year method in an online training course that has been used by thousands of people to develop their plans, complete their tactics, and get more done. You can learn more about the online course HERE.