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The Three Critical Objectives to Expect from a Keynote at Your Next Sales Meeting

The challenge most sales organizations come up against during their annual meeting is ensuring that the time, resources and investment converts to increased sales performance and revenue growth. Often, the talent brought in to entertain the team leaves them feeling “really good” at the moment but rarely translates into action once they get back in the field.

Sales leadership is now reevaluating the keynote speakers and breakout trainers that they hire for conferences, recognizing that the focus on ROI has never been more important.

There are three critical objectives that all leadership should expect from the talent they bring in to educate their team:

1. New Idea Syndrome – Increased knowledge isn’t enough. New ideas rarely translate into changed behaviors, especially when there is no process or system in place to help implement the new insights. Often conferences bring in thought leaders, not implementers, and it is vital that the keynote speaker be both. Otherwise, their people are left on their own to figure out how to apply it in their daily routine.

2. Inspiration with Impact – Motivation alone doesn’t move the dial. It is short-lived and has little to no impact on revenue growth. Sustained motivation only results from action that is supported by tools and processes. What truly motivates a sales professional is through ongoing action that makes a measurable difference in performance, inspiring them to continue to implement and grow. Great personal triumphant stories should be left for TedTalks. Keynotes for sales teams need to lead to changed behavior and measurable results.

3. Head, Heart, Hands – In order to have a successful Keynote that creates change, the speaker needs to challenge the sales team’s thinking, touch them emotionally, and give them tangible actions that will make a difference. It is these three elements that deliver ROI on your talent investment.

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