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No Matter how busy you are, or how many times you've failed in the past. This new approach is easy to learn, easy to Implement, and easy to Maintain.

"This Is A System That Actually Works"

This book takes all of the core principles I believe are so valuable for success and puts them together in a straight forward system that actually works.

Matthew E. Winter  //  President, Allstate Auto, Home and Agencies

About this FREE introduction to the 12 week Year

The effectiveness of traditional goal setting, using annual goals, has long been debunked as an ineffective goal-achieving approach for eight out of ten people

That's why respected business publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and dozens of others, have published numerous articles exposing the pitfalls of traditional goal setting.

Today, High-Achievers are now embracing and using a system called, The 12 Week Year, to finally close the gap between what they desperately want to accomplish, and what they actually accomplish.

The 12 Week Year Is Not About Mustering More Discipline, Willpower, Organizational Skills, or A better Mindset

If you’ve tried to become “more productive” or “more effective”, in the past, using any of those common approaches, you’ve no doubt felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or disappointed at some point with your lack of sustained progress.

The 12 Week Year is an execution method used in monster Organizations like: NASA, Dunkin' Brands, Coldwell Banker, JC Penny, Mass Mutual, Papa Johns Pizza, Tiffany's, New York Life, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and many more.

This new and different approach to getting things done has now become the operating method of choice for many Fortune 500 executives, elite entrepreneurs, accomplished athletes, top performers in dozens of professional fields, and ordinary, but ambitious individuals.

"The 12 week year is a book you can open to any chapter and find valuable insights and practical actions you can put into practice today. read it;  study it;  apply it!"

Head Coach -Tom Izzo

Michigan State University Men's basketball team

You Can't Build A reputation on what you're going to do

(Let that sink in...)

My name is, Brian Moran, Co-Author of the New York Times Bestseller, The 12 Week Year.

Over the last several years, my business partner, Michael Lennington and I have had the good fortune of having aligned ourselves with many of the largest organizations in the world. 

This gave us direct, one-on-one access, to an unprecedented number of individuals whose quality of life is directly tied to their ability to execute at a high level.

As a result of working in these high pressure situations, side-by-side with driven leaders who often find themselves overwhelmed, losing focus, and shutting  down… repeatedly, we were able to test and refine our methods.

After many years spent testing the most advanced and complex theories surrounding performance and execution with these behemoths of industry…

…we discovered that a lot of the so called “science” coming down the pipe regarding high level performance simply doesn’t hold up in the real world.

A lot of the latest research on the topic is over-engineered, complex and unsustainable. It looks impressive on paper but fails to catch on in environments where performance and execution are a competitive advantage.

After exhaustive testing, we were able to strip away the noise, and isolate the proverbial “simplicity, hidden on the other side of complexity”, which has now become the bedrock of our 12 Week Year Methodology.

Here is what a couple of our clients had to say about the method we developed, and the system that drives it:

What Others Say


John Vacarro, Senior Vice President Mass Mutual, told us that just 3 months after sharing our approach with their entire field force, The 12 Week Year was already the best investment he’s made all year.

John Vacaro

Senior Vice President, 

Mass Mutual


Jim Haskins, Vice President Allstate, went even further, and said that introducing The 12 Week Year to their organization was the best investment they’ve ever made!

Jim Haskins

Vice President, 



Tom Burns, Chief Distribution Officer, Allianz says, The 12 Week Year is a powerful system for achieving extraordinary results both professionally and personally. It's a simple approach to creating breakthrough results.

Tom Burns

Chief Distribution Officer, Allianz

High Praise From Some Accomplished Leaders, Wouldn't You Agree?

Based on the New York Times Bestseller, The 12 Week Year, This FREE 3-Part Video Series will introduce you to The 12 Week Year Methodology and the underlying system that supports it.

This video series lays out a convincing case for which parts of traditional goal setting we should keep, which parts must be tweaked, and which parts must be changed entirely.

Challenging your thinking on what it takes to perform at your best, this video series provides fresh insight into why we often fail to excel, and if we do meet with success, fail to sustain it.

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