12 Week Year Skills Training

New high-end performance training is just $7 until October 1st 

The Most Generous & Affordable Offer We've Ever Made

As you know, hosting our traditional 12 Week Year LIVE! event simply wasn’t possible this year. So we’re doing something unprecedented to make up for it.

For the first time ever, we’ll be sharing the recording of a live presentation (typically reserved for corporate clients only)...

...that will walk you through the 12 Week Year method in much greater detail than any recording we’ve ever shared publicly before.

As you will see, this new training removes all of the mystery around how to go from being stuck, stagnant, or inconsistent… to… actually getting more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months.

What Makes This Event So Special?

One of the things that makes this particular event so special is my deep dive on a particular topic that a lot of people get hung up on, which is the actual planning process itself.

Your ability to properly transform an average plan, into a tactical plan, is absolutely critical to your success.

If you don’t get this right, you’re at a disadvantage and setting yourself up for failure.

Lacking the ability to plan at a tactical level is the reason why we get stuck “planning” all of the time instead of actually “doing.”

It’s the reason why we struggle to stay focused.

It’s the reason why we fail to process and manage new input.

It’s the reason why we are susceptible to distractions.

It’s the reason why we have to rely on self-discipline and willpower to get things done.

It’s the reason why we feel we need someone to hold us accountable.

I could go on, and on...

The domino effect from not getting this right is staggering.

But… when you do get it right... the game changes entirely.

How Much Will This Cost?

In an effort to fill the void from this years 12 Week Year LIVE event…

And help you to get through these unprecedented times…

We’ve decided to make access to this training EXTREMELY affordable.

For a limited time you can get instant access to the same training people have paid thousands of dollars for, for just $7.

But, enrollment will only stay open until midnight Thursday, October 1st.

One of the concerns we had when we decided to make this so accessible, was that people would fail to appreciate the value of this training because of the price.

Don’t do that.

This training has the power to change your results, your reputation, and your life, forever.

So please, don’t discount the quality of this training just because we’ve decided to make it affordable.

You will see I pull no punches. I say what needs to be said -- no matter how real or uncomfortable it may be -- so you can get more done, more consistently.

If this kind of detailed (A-Z) training interests you, I highly recommend you take advantage of our special offer today.

How Do I Get Started?

When you enroll today:

  • You will get immediate access to the recording.
  • You may continue to access the recording for two full weeks.

    14 days will give you plenty of time to view the 2.5 hour video presentation (multiple times if you like), take notes, and apply what you learn before your access expires.
  • Your two week access window will begin the moment you enroll. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see a live 12 Week Year presentation but haven’t been able to make it happen, now’s your chance.

And, if your previous attempts to improve your performance haven’t really taken off, or you just want to review the concepts in greater detail, you won’t want to miss this special offer.

This detailed training… viewed from the comfort of your own home… can be the one thing you experience that finally puts you on a legitimate path to effective execution.

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