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It’s all about the Execution

The barrier standing between you and what you are truly capable of is not a lack of information, ideas, or techniques.  The secret sauce is Execution.

The Game of Work

I know you haven’t had time to study, but I’m confident that you’ll pass.  The good news is that there is only one question, here it is: “What would the average American say is more motivating and fun; Work or Sports?”

The Discipline Virtue

Years ago, when I began my business career (carbon dating says that was exactly 1,000 years ago) I recall my best bosses and other successful business people sighting a common trait that was considered essential for success, that trait was discipline.

Staying Positive in Difficult Times

When people ask: “how are you?” my wife Judy is fond of saying “We’re having a good moment.”  It’s not that Judy is negative, if you’ve ever met her you know she is quite the contrary. 

The Value of Systems

If I visited your workplace would I see consistency or chaos?  Would I observe structure or fire-fighting? Would I first notice the processes, or the ad-hoc activities?

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Sometimes the biggest barrier to achieving what you are capable of in life, is your own fear.  It might be a fear of failing, a fear of rejection, a fear of criticism, even a fear of embarrassment; the list of possible fears is endless.


Often success is the results of staying in the game and playing one more play, when everything in you feels like stopping. 


If you search for inspiring quotes on the power of personal routine, you will find an interesting thing; people are generally in one of two camps.